Hugo nomination reminders welcome

2016 was a YEAR.

:stares in blank exhaustion:

So …..

What are your thoughts on Hugo nominations? What did you read or watch or write in 2016?

I really like this spreadsheet as a resource.


Yes, remind me if YOU are eligible in a Hugo category this year, eh?



J is home from the hospital!

J came home last night from the hospital. There are still things that need medical appointments and some outpatient surgery, and she doesn’t feel particularly great, but she is home.

Today holds adjusting to her being home. Getting the kids wrangled, the house cleaned, the pets cared for, and making sure J can get to the things she needs with the difficulty.

Thank you, all, for your thoughts and well-wishes.

I truly appreciate them.



Footnotes of history

The phone numbers for my Senators, my Congressional representative, the Senate Judiciary Committee, the House Oversight Committee — these are all in my phone contacts list now. I’ve called my Senators more since November than any phone number outside of my family and the two restaurants that deliver food to my house.

Pretty soon, calling Congress will pass up the Szechaun restaurant.

I keep tweeting and blogging and calling and talking. Most of my followers already agree with me. Most of them are informed. Most of them are already engaged at the level they can engage. I’m not trying to pick fights. I’m not at ALL trying to guilt anyone. My Congressional representative are all Democrats, all fighting and resisting.

I know y’all are out there, being the best people Mr. Rogers always knew you could be.

So why, why do I keep reading, and re-tweeting, and talking, and calling?

Because of the future.

When the future writes of us, writes of this moment, I want to be able to say “I did everything I could.”

I want my children to tell my grandchildren how this moment went, and I want them to say I resisted.

When history is written of this time, I would rather be a footnote about a failed resistance than a chapter on willing collaborators.

So I keep talking, and writing, and calling, and reading, and tweeting, and donating.

I know y’all are out there doing your parts. Please, please keep doing them. Call if you can. Email. Knit. Take care of yourself. Donate. Make soup. Go see the doctor. March. Volunteer. Read. Write. Sing. Organize.




I’d never ridden in an ambulance before

My spouse, J, is in the hospital. She has a kidney stone which got weirdly blocked, and now has a kidney infection as a result. The hospital is holding her another night, because they want a fever-free twenty-four hours at some point.

On Monday afternoon I took her to Urgent Care, and Urgent Care bounced her to the E.R. in ten minutes. The weather was terrible, it was rush hour, and I opted for the offer of an ambulance. I rode in the back with her, and kept thinking, “so this is what my brother’s office looks like!” (My brother is a firefighter in the Chicago metro.)

Emergency rooms are full of incredibly calm people whose metrics about what is an *emergency* are way off from the rest of us. I tend to like them, on the whole. Even when I am wishing that they would get to us just a little bit quicker.

By 9:30 Monday night they determined that J needed a stent. N came to the hospital for that part while I went home and slept and briefed the kids. The procedure was done by 1:00 a.m. and went well.

Yesterday morning J’s fever was problematically back. The kids and I went and visited in the morning, then I sent the kids home for their evening activities. (I am so, so grateful, by the way, to the community of people who are offering and providing driving assistance. So grateful.) I spent the rest of the day at the hospital while nothing much happened, then came home.

I spoke to J this morning. Her fever came back overnight, so they are keeping her again tonight.

I am so grateful for modern medicine. The part of me that understands historical medical practice keeps track of the number of times she would have already been dead at this point, and I am so grateful to live now and here. We have health insurance. We live in a community with many hospitals. I am so grateful.

At this point I am looking at the days ahead and working out the logistics of covering all the work J does around the house, with the kids, with the pets. The kids are being absolute troupers, and are pitching in. N is invaluable. I expect, locals, that I may well be taking some of y’all up on those offers of help, though, as the need to drive kids places continues.

Thank you, very much, for all your support and kind thoughts. I truly appreciate it.



Experiments in dehydrated soup mix

Things I have learned, dehydrating vegetables for a homemade instant soup mix:

Cooking the carrots for five minutes before dehydrating them makes them less chewy afterwards
Break up everything into small pieces
Green beans end up a bit rubbery
Peas dehydrate REALLY fast
Potatoes must be pre-cooked for five minutes or else they turn black
Onions take FOREVER, like, twice as long as anything else.

However! I mixed these things all together in a ziplock, added some salt and pepper, and took it to work. There I put it in a mug and added hot water from the water-filter-thingy spigot. (It’s the same water I use to make tea at work.)

The result was … edible!

I mean, not thrillingly delicious, certainly. I need to figure out what herbs (sage? thyme?) and spices (garlic powder?) to add and in what quantity. (I’m also considering adding mushrooms.)

But it is a homemade instant soup mix that I can take to work!

More importantly, I managed to do SOMETHING with the vast pounds of root vegetables I got in the December CSA share …



Resistance 1/8/2017

In the last month I:

Called the Senate Judiciary Committee to oppose Jeff Sessions.
Participated in Refuse Fascism’s social media and awareness campaigns
Knit a Pussyhat for the Women’s March and gave it to someone who is going
All my recurring donations are recurring
Gave money and giftcards to Bridge for Youth
Wrote my City Councilmember about police civilian oversight (I’m happy to say that not only did Russ Stark vote the way I wanted, the civilian oversight of police in St. Paul has been removed from police control.)
Emailed my congresscritters about the ACA

In the last month the House of Representatives voted to disband the ethics oversight. They were overruled, and took it back. U.S. intelligence agencies have determined that the U.S. election was tampered with by Russia under Putin’s direct order. Trump specifically denied that this was true after he was briefed that it is true. Texas is voting on bathroom legislation. North Carolina gutted the governorship in a last-hour Republican fuck-you to the incoming administration. The House and Senate Republicans are trying to remove cameras and journalists from the congressional floor, hiding what our government does. Congress voted to revive the Holman Rule allowing them to reduce the salary of individual federal workers to one dollar.

I’m still listening to The Rise of the Third Reich on audiobook, when I can stand it.

As of right now, no-one I know has lost their job, home, or healthcare due to the incoming administration.

And, lo, here we are

It’s -7 F on the thermometer on the side of the house as I write this.


The thing about cranky days like yesterday is, well, now it’s tomorrow. And there are fun things planned for today, and tedious things planned for today, and it’s another day and here we are.

I want to remind you all to dress warmly today, but that’s just because I’m cold.

(Don’t forget a hat!)