I’m not an early adopter, but . . .

I’m not an early adopter. I’m really not. I don’t want new tech because it’s new. I don’t buy new tech and then figure out what I can do with it. I don’t follow bleeding edge advances.

What I am is — I’m a solid alpha user. I want the tech to do the thing. I have a need; I get the tech to do it. And I will run the tech up against its limits to get it to do the thing.

What I want is global social proprioception.

I want to know where the people who matter to me are, and what they are doing, regardless of location. I want my own personal network, layered into levels of intimacy that are discreet — something more subtle than Friend or unfriend. I want two-way communication via voice, video, and text with everyone I care about regardless of location. And I want it available for at least twelve hours without needing to recharge the power supply. I want user- and network-generated content, with substantive updates, essays, long discussions, and briefly jotted notes. I want video and photo capability with music. AND I want the software for managing those to be on the device. And I want it in my pocket. And I want it now.

And — before anyone helpfully suggests 65326432 things, I want all these things to be natively part of the device, not something rammed onto the poor OS. Yes, I know you can do a LOT with an iPhone. But you can’t do everything I want. Yet.

All that said, Palm — a company whose products I have avoided because on their insistence on a proprietary OS that is losing marketshare — has just announced the Pre. Which I won’t be getting anytime soon — I don’t buy the first iteration of a product, thanks. But listen to this:

“Instead of having multiple communications apps on the phone, any of which you can use to carry on a conversation via multiple services, you just open up a single chat card with that user. That chat card hosts a continuous stream of conversation that combines SMS messages and IM in a single, seamless interface and chat experience. That way, the focus is on the conversation, and not the medium (SMS, Gtalk, iChat, AIM, etc.).”


“Sprint is the exclusive launch partner for the pré, playing the AT&T to Palm’s Apple. This was a great score for the company, which has reportedly been losing subscribers (myself included) to the iPhone in droves. I personally prefer Sprint’s network to AT&T’s, and now there’s actually a phone on that network that I’d consider using. Palm will eventually make a WCDMA version available, so we should eventually see the pré on T-Mobile, AT&T, and/or Vodafone (outside of the US).”

I am currently on Sprint, due to my Motorola Q.

So, the future of my connectivity aspirations keeps looking better.

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  1. This is one really nifty device. If I lived somewhere Sprint had good reception, I’d be even more tempted.

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