Love and adoration

1. My son, M, has been saving his allowance.

M is five and half years old. And M has . . . great difficulty, sometimes, maintaining a train of thought or focusing on a goal. Yet despite this issue, he has saved his money for six weeks to buy the Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6.


I’m so proud of him, working hard to achieve a long-term goal, I don’t care what he bought.

M loves this gun. He loves it. I just now told him to say goodbye to it and put it away so we can do school. I gave him five minutes. He hugged the N-Strike, and kissed it, and tucked it in, and made sure it knew when he would be back. It reminded me of nothing so much as me, saying goodbye to Barda at the door. “I love you, I miss you already, when will I see you again!”

2. In other news, Tern got two Sondheim musicals for cheap at a library sale — Assassins and Bounce. I can’t wait to listen. Even — no, especially — to Bounce. I love Sondheim’s failed musicals. Merrily We Roll Along is one of my favorites.

3. I’m a contributing editor at Fantastic Fangirls, as most of you know. Here’s today’s essay on Casey Bullocks-Femur from Strangers in Paradise: