Key 2 Time: A Few Remarks

I’m working my way through the Big Finish “Key 2 Time” Doctor Who original audio productions. The first part is called “The Judgment of Isskar.” And I have to say, it’s not my favorite Doctor Who audio production.

There are too many funny aliens.

I mean, it’s an audio production. Full cast, special effects, music, etc. And I’ve noticed with all the proceeding audio productions that, if the character does not have a funny voice, I think they look human. Funny voices are the only way to indicate xenobiology. But the thing is, funny voices are also more difficult for me to listen to. Harder to comprehend. I can get by when one of the alien races is, say, Daleks, and the other is a sentient raindrop. Or one alien race has low voices, the other high, something like that. But in “The Judgment of Isskar,” one alien race has a rasping, insect-like voice, and the other has a buzzing, insect-like voice.


Rasping and buzzing are really, really close together. Especially when listening to the story in a ten-year-old rattling car moving at seventy miles per hour.

In addition, this story has two original female characters. Their voices sounded indistinguishable to me. I could tell them apart by their word choice, not their tone, which didn’t work so well if all they said was “yes” or “run!”

I’m onto the next part, “Destroyer of Delights,” and so far I’m finding the casting and production to be working a bit better.

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  1. The #1 reason I haven’t listened to any of the Big Finish audio-productions all the way through is because they sound intelligible in neither of our cars. Proper appreciation of them requires a low noise background, and our cars aren’t expensive enough to give that, “driving around town in my living room,” feel.

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