Circus Juventas, Fall 2009

Fall classes have started here at Circus Juventas!

During my kids’ classes I can choose to watch:

Flying Trapeze
Silks (Core)
Low Wire
Spanish Web (Core)
Cloud Swing
And some other stuff I can’t identify

The part I love the most is watching the kids who are really good at something else as they try to learn a new thing. These are gifted athletes, in fabulous shape. Watching them struggle to master new set of skills is really amazing.

I also love that there really is something for everyone. The flyers, for instance, need to be smaller and thinner. But if you are taller or wider-hipped or stockier and want to do an advanced flying act, you can do Cloud Swing or Swinging trapeze. There are similar opportunities for different bodies and skills in all the specialties. It’s pretty cool.

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