Tuesday brings the packing

1. First, happy birthday to my brother! Hope the day is a good one.

2. Tomorrow, after Cavorter gets out of work, we’re driving to Chicago for a familial visit. We will bring birthday and Christmas presents for my various nieces. Buying adorable presents for infants reminds me of the more pleasant moments of my kids’ own infancy. But not quite enough to mask the memories of sleeplessness, poop, and spit-up.

3. Tern is giving the weekly music lesson to the kids as I type this. M is faintly adorable as he sings, and K’s piano playing is progressing nicely.

4. Last night Cavorter and I watched Jackie Chan’s Operation Condor. I could not, at this moment, tell you the plot. In fact, I’m not sure I could tell you the plot of any Jackie Chan movies. I sort of zone out and think about writing projects or look around the house, wondering what needs cleaning, when the plot are happening. But I love the martial arts set pieces. I would buy and love a dvd that was nothing but excerpted Jackie Chan fight scenes.

5. We still have not eliminated the mice. A friend of ours mentioned that she had to dig three feet down all the way around the outside of her foundation to find and plug the mice entrances. This thought fills me with despair.