Hello, Monday!

1. Over at Fantastic Fangirls, Caroline has a great post about Matt Fraction’s writing on Iron Man. I can only second her praise for this book.

2. Thanksgiving was lovely — not the actual driving to Chicago and back parts, though those were not terrible, but the seeing family parts. My nieces keep growing!

3. Thanks to Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s comic, Phonogram, I’ve been listening to The Long Blondes. The singer sounds vaguely reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux, and the lyrics are, I think, all about people making poor relationship choices. Songs about moments of decision — I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.

4. I’m going to Emerald City ComicCon in 2010. I have put in for the time off of work, I am staying with friends, and I have (gulp) sent in the money for a table in Artist’s Alley. I’ll be sharing with one of the artists I work with. Ideally that project will be done by ECCC. If not done, it will at least be pitchable. I also hope to have a, a book of scripts? Something like that, if not a physical book, to show to prospective artists. And, of course, I will have wares to sell. Which means I will either have to check luggage (ugh) or ship a box to my friends ($$$). We’ll see.

5. But, this raises the point — If you live in Seattle, and/or will be at Emerald City ComicCon, and I know you, get in touch and we can discuss some sort of dinner/get-together type event.

6. I’ve watched two and a half episodes of “V”, and I think I’m dumping it. Nothing about the characters is grabbing me yet. And, honestly, with a re-imagining like this, that’s what I need. Good characters.

7. I successfully made a graphic novel through Lulu – or, I think I did. I’ve ordered a copy for myself to proof it. Availability information as soon as I know the thing looks okay. 🙂

8. We think we’ve blocked all the mouse holes into the house. Wish us luck.

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  1. Great news about ECCC — best of luck. The more I think about it, I probably can’t take the time off, but I will check my schedule and with my Seattle friends and see if something works out.

    I also meant to investigate the Long Blondes after that Phonogram issue, they sound really interesting.

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