Re-watching Jennifer’s Body

If any of you know how to get ahold of Diablo Cody or Karyn Kusama, let me know. I would deeply like to send them a fan letter.

I re-watched this movie last night. As you may recall, I loved it when I saw it in the theater. Re-watching it only solidified my love for this film. A few things I noted this time around, that amused or interested me:

1. Watching Amanda Seyfried and Kyle Gallner share screen time made me miss Veronica Mars.

2. The bit where Nikolai complains that the only way for an indy band to make it is to be on Letterman or some crappy soundtrack — that made me laugh. Because, after all, the bands on the soundtrack to Jennifer’s Body are such things as Little Boots, Silversun Pickups, Black Kids, and Hayley Williams. The inclusion of Hayley was particularly amusing, since her band, Paramore, had two songs on the Twilight soundtrack.

3. I never saw much in the way of advertising for this film when it was in theaters. But what I did see, it didn’t seem to fit the film.

4. I still assert that Jennifer is supposed to come across as a bad Heathers-wannabe, that her cutting remarks are supposed to sound a little overdone and stupid. Jennifer is just not that good with words.

5. It’s so damn clear that the most important relationship in the film is between Jennifer and Needy. The way Jennifer is so insecure about anything Needy has, anything Needy enjoys, it’s downright sad. Even when the jealousy is coming from a blood-drenched succubus.

3 Responses

  1. Hee, I saw yr link to this right as “Finishing School” came up on shuffle.

    Yeah, I can’t wait to buy this one! Even though a DVD rewatch will suffer from the lack of excellent company. 🙂

  2. @spuffyduds :grins:

  3. If you’d watched broadcast TV when that movie was in theaters, you would have seen a lot of advertising, and unfortunately it was advertising that made it look like (from what you’ve said about it) the opposite of the movie that was actually made. Too bad!

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