Why, yes, I’ve seen Road Warrior

I did manage to get another scene written on Stormkiller this morning, despite being terribly distracted by the OneBag site. OneBag, for those of you not clicking the link, is a site devoted to telling people how to pack lightly. This packing-lightly-thing fits in with the image I have of myself in an alternate, dystopian, post-apocalyptic world in which I must roam the country saving attractive women and helpless children from marauding cannibal savages.

Yes, in this alternate version of me, I drive a motorcycle. Why do you ask?


Back in this reality, I still like to travel light. I . . . no longer do so, really, since I have acquired kids. There’s all this extra stuff, like, you know, clothes for the kids. But on the rare occasions I am travelling by myself on a plane or train, I like to keep my stuff down to one carry-on bag and one personal item.

The personal item is always my tech bag. Netbook, Zune, phone, notebook and pen, paperback book, medications, over the counter drugs, flashlight, sewing kit. I pack as though I will lose my luggage, even though I intend to carry my luggage with me.

The single carry-on is a little trickier. I tend to overpack, planning for emergencies which have never occurred in all my years of flying or staying in hotels. So I read sites like OneBag with a sort of seeking-after-wisdom attention. Sitting at the feet of the guru, if you will. Does this self-help travel advisor have the answers I have sought for so long?

Of course, they all have the same answer.

Bring less stuff.

This isn’t the reply I’m looking for, of course. What I want is a quick fix, a trick, a subtle method of packing, the One True Carry-On Bag, something to solve my packing dilemmas without me having to give anything up.

Ah well.

My next trip is going to be to Emerald City ComiCon, and I will be bringing heavy comics to sell. So I doubt I’ll manage just one bag then, anyway.