Lack of brains

1. Today just never got going. No brains, all day.

2. I arrived at work to find a 90-day moratorium on all visitors to the facility. On the off chance we might let them talk to the planes, I suppose. But, no guests.

3. I remember reviewing Inglorious Basterds negatively. I even remember why I did so. But the clips and such I’ve seen in the last few weeks during the run-up to the Oscars makes me want to see it again. I’m not sure why.

4. My ex and I owned a rather large collection of 1980-2000 feminist science fiction. I lost much of it in the split-up. In the last month I’ve been poking around to see if I can replace some of it, and, wow. A lot of what I want is out of print or merely very expensive. This is sub-optimal.

5. Hmm. I know there was more to post, but I can’t recall it. Braaaiiiiiiinsssssssss.

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