1. I leave for Emerald City Comic-Con today! I am a leeeeeetle bit excited about this. Possibly. Maybe. I have to remember to pack an umbrella.

2. I met with my website designer yesterday, and we discussed plans. The plan is to migrate this blog and my professional website to one site. Once there, I’ll host my writing as webcomics. I am pretty excited about this, and hope to have it up by mid-June.

3. I just sneezed about nine times in a row. And M says he has a sore throat. PLEASE GOD LET ME NOT GET SICK THIS WEEKEND.

4. I started watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand. This show delivers EXACTLY what it promises. Violence and sex. That said, Lucy Lawless and John Hannah are the best things about the show, as the couple who own the gladiator-training-business-thingy. Ludus, or whatever it’s called. While I don’t give a toss as to the fate of Spartacus or his wife, I find I really do care about these two, and their debts, and their cat-fighting to stay in Roman society. Their plotline is a little like Jane Austen, with a lot more blood and swearing and lopping of limbs.

5. I’m not bringing my computer to Seattle, which is giving me anxiety. But the only reason I would bring it is for a security computer, and that’s just silly.

6. I had a great, great birthday. Lots of affection and appreciation from family and friends. Thank you, everyone.

7. Now I need to go stare at my packing list and see if I’ve forgotten anything.