Chicks Dig Time Lords

It’s time for you to get your copy of Chicks Dig Time Lords! Published by Mad Norwegian Press and available at a ton of places, as compiled by editor Lynne M. Thomas, Chicks Dig Time Lords is, so far, a great read.

I’m not done with it yet. I think I have an excuse, as I opened the package at 4:25 this morning, and it’s now 6:19 a.m. Less than two hours, during which time I drove to work, and I’ve still managed to read the first three essays. That alone is worth the price of admission.

See, here’s the thing — what is it that I am always asking for in my fandoms? The thing I want from fiction, from movies, from fic and from cons? Diversity. I don’t want the One True Perfect Representation of [insert group here], I want a thousand imperfect representations. I don’t want one woman to speak for all women in Doctor Who fandom; I want this. This book collecting the essays and experiences of women from all over the fandom, creators, actors, cartoonists, and fans of every stripe. All of them speaking to and describing their own small piece of being a Doctor Who fan.

What is generated out of such a book is the idea that you, Gentle Reader, are not alone. And that, moreover, however you are participating, however you are expressing your fannish love, you are doing it right. Because there is no gold standard, there is no bar to cross. Because the fandom is wide enough to include everyone’s views and opinions. Whatever anyone else tells you.

The subtitle of Chicks Dig Time Lords is “A celebration of Doctor Who by the Women who love it.” Surely that is a banner under which many of us could stand.