An inauspicious start, April

My friend Caroline has a thing she says when life gets hectic. “Survive and advance.” This weekend has been tedious. Not disastrous or even merely a crisis, but a little tedious.

1. M is having another round of behavioral issues. He keeps growing out of these, but the handful of weeks during which he tests all the boundaries and gets in a lot of trouble are hard on all of us.

2. My computer broke yesterday. Cavorter took it apart, and there were scorch marks on the main board, surrounding the north-south bridge. That, my friends, is one dead computer.

So I am now shopping for another netbook. Yes, netbook. I love them, I love the size and portability, I love the ease of use. I just need one that is a weeny bit more powerful than the one I had previously, with a more robust chipset. Sadly, no-one is yet making a true netbook with an i7 chip. And I just don’t want a 13″ screen. Waaaaay too big.

Shopping for a netbook is stressful in and of itself. Weighing all the factors is time-and-brain consuming. How much RAM — do I really need 3 GB, or would 2GB and a better processor be fine? Do I want to take a chance on another Atom processor, now that the second gen is out? Or do I insist on a different processor, and hence a much larger computer? Questions questions questions.

In other news, I know smart thinky people. Anika posted a spoilery discussion post about Fringe, Peter, and the nature of parenting. And Caroline posted her musings on Julius Ceasar, Marc Antony, and Marlon Brando. And we of Fantastic Fangirls have posted part one of our Strangers in Paradise book club discussion. Check ’em out!

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