A spot of delight

While out running errands this morning, we happened to notice a Blockbuster Video store was closing. Actually, I’ve noticed for a while that this Blockbuster was closing, as it’s on the way to the YMCA. On this morning’s trip, however, I noticed a sign.

DVDs $0.99 Or Less.

Oh my.

My my my my my.

While J took M into the Payless Shoes next door, I took K into the video store. I walked out twenty minutes later with sixteen movies, for which I had paid less than sixteen dollars. I am quite pleased by this. Now I just have to find time to watch them.

Revolutionary Road – because it’s supposed to be good.
Tart – it’s a cult classic in the recent Bad Girl movies
Junebug – it’s supposed to be very good.
Push – it’s a movie starring Dakota Fanning as Layla from the X-Factor comics. Not really, but close enough.
The Haunting of Molly Hartley – I have seen it and loved it, though no one else on the planet seems to think it’s any good.
Adventureland – saw it and loved it, and Kristen Stewart is a good actress, dangit!
The Quiet – I’ve liked Elisha Cuthbert since I saw her on 24, and my kids love her on Popular Mechanics for Kids.
Watchmen – because I am a geek and it’s a requirement for my major, more or less.
Transporter 3 – I want, more than many things, to see Jason Statham play Leon in a remake of The Professional.
Sunshine Cleaning – I saw this and it’s damn good.
State of Play – I hear it’s good, and I like Russell Crowe.
Transformers 2 – my son wants this.
Monsters vs. Aliens – my daughter wants this.
Terminator Salvation -I am a completist for the Terminator franchise.
Pieces of April – movies about strained family gatherings are awesome. Home for the Holidays anyone?
Margot at the Wedding – Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh. There is no way I am not watching this.


It’s been about four months of going to the Y, three or four days a week. And I can actually see measurable results.

I can do the elliptical or recumbent bike for half an hour, and not on the easiest settings. I can row for ten minutes. I can do two sets of ten lat pull-downs at 70 pounds. I can balance on one foot, each side, for around 30 seconds. I can do thirty crunches.

But there are all these other, not-as-easily-measured things, too. No back-aches in months. I can hold my arm out in front of me at shoulder-height and kick it with my shin. I didn’t slip and fall on the sidewalk at all this winter. Little things that improve the quality of my life.

It’s pretty nice.