Housework, I can has some

Some days, I get stuff done.

Things I have done in the last two days:

Helped the kids clean — really clean — the basement play room.  Which they have started calling the rec room, for reasons passing understanding.  But we got it clean enough to vacuum, which happens about twice a year.
Shelved all of my books.  Y’all, you have no idea what this means.  I have . . .   I have a shelving problem.  My problem is, I live in a house with four other; readers, and we all have a crapton of books.  I actually have one of the largest stretches of household shelving real estate, probably twice what anyone else has.  I simply cannot, in any kind of conscience, get more shelf space.  I have to …  re-allocate.  So I re-allocated some shelves in the the bedroom into dvd-wallet shelves, and I moved three linear feet of books on movies and television onto the dvd shelf, the one awkwardly behind a large chair, a music stand, and three bins of Legos in the living room, which meant I could finally get all my other non-fiction (including the new stuff) onto the shelf behind the front door, which meant I could sort out the fiction in my bedroom and get it all onto the shelves, AND I alphabetized the paperbacks, AND I got the trade paperbacks all shelved in order;.  Please don’t ask me what I’;m going to do when I run out of room for trade paperbacks.
Swept and mopped the kitchen
Scrubbed the kids’; chairs and table in the sink
Scrubbed the microwave
Untold loads of dishes
Cleaned off the dining room table, mostly.  Sort of.  Better than it was!

I also went to one circus class, went trap shooting, worked out at the Y, taught two hours of school, rushed a dog to the emergency vet at nine o’clock last night, hosted company this evening, and got comics.

There are days when all I manage is to keep myself and my kids fed, bathed, and with clean dishes.  Then, there are days like this, when the world teems with energy and ALL THINGS are possible.

Tomorrow, I pack for Wiscon.  \o/

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