Monday’s recommendation

1. The kids went out of town last night with some family friends. Without us. As far as I can tell, they are having a great time. I expect that the children will be monstrously behaved on their return, but I am very glad that they have their own relationships with people. I want them to learn how to relate to others when their parents are not there. In other words, it’ll be good for them, belike.

2. I’m making a renewed effort to post to GoodReads. I think this link takes you to the list of books I’ve finished? I’m not at all sure what good the reviews I write would do anyone. I mean, I’m not describing what happens in the book, or anything. Ah, well.

3. Due to the lack of children in the house, thus obviating the need for a babysitter, Tern and Cavorter and I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World last night. I loved the movie. I am, apparently, a huge Edgar Wright fan, since I like Shaun of the Dead, love Scott Pilgrim, and LOVE Hot Fuzz. I did think Scott Pilgrim was an idiot, but he grew on me over the course of the movie, as I think he is supposed to. Here are my main conclusions on watching the film, though. First, no-one should have ever dated 22-year-old me. Second, I don’t want my kids to date either Scott or Ramona. Third, my kids are likely to BECOME Scott and Ramona, because everyone sort of does for a while. Fourth, if my exes form a League, I won’t be the slightest bit surprised. At all. Ever.

4. If you like steampunk and are pining for a great long-form story to read, I highly, highly recommend Gimmors and Devices. It’s a re-telling of Shakespeare’s Richard II, steampunk-style. It is imaginative, transformative, and fanfic. It is amazing.

2 Responses

  1. The benefit of GoodReads to me is (1) keeping track of these things for myself, (2) having an idea what my friends are reading at any given time, (3) having an aggregate idea of how my friends feel about a given book. It’s not the SAME information as I’d find seeking out reviews on my own but it serves a function for me. That said, I usually have a good idea of what *you* are reading at any given moment because you are blogging about it. But, like, my sister — when we talk we talk about kids and family and work and other stuff that’s making us crazy or amusing us; we’d never get around to books but we do because of GoodReads. The value is different for different people, though.

    I’m *glad* you liked ‘Gimmors and Devices.’ I recommended that to you before I read it myself because it sounded like something you would. At the risk of being really pedantic, I’m not sure I’d call it a retelling of Richard II? It involves a Richard II who is in some ways recognizably Shakespeare but the story is more its own thing. “Retelling” may be the common mainstream term for what would otherwise be known as literary fanfic, though, so it might be the best word to use afterall!

  2. :nods:

    I chose “retelling” specifically because that’s what literary fanfic is called. I could easily see reading this story in some published collection or magazine, honestly. This is fanfic the way the entire series of fairy-tale story books edited by Datlow and Windling is. I’m NOT AT ALL sure what the difference between retelling and fanfic is, other than one is publishable and the other isn’t.

    Maybe that’s it ….

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