I may actually know how to cook

Since I got the word to watch my salt intake, I think I’ve been averaging around 1000 mg of salt a day. I think. It wavers between 800 and 1200 mg most days.

This is weird. It involves looking at ingredient lists and nutrition information, and then looking at things like serving size. Mostly, though, what it involves is not eating fast food, and not putting salt on the food I do eat. Oh, and not eating the pre-packaged food I adore.

So I’ve been cooking.

I keep putting enough turmeric and cumin on things to stain the dishes yellow. And I have gone through a bag of onions and a head of garlic in two weeks. Garlic usually goes bad in our house, traditionally.

Today I made soup.

I realized, as I was making it, that I internalized far more of the cooking lore of previous exes and roommates than I’d thought. Moxie and the Mad Capricorn, particularly, proved instructional. Laffingbuddha also gave a good tip at gaming last night. But I was surprised at how much I just remembered.

The soup — a vegetable bean soup, with homemade stock — turned out quite good. It needs SALT, of course, but it’s good. I’m a little shocked, frankly.