Grumpy and querelous

The day after an event, such as a visit from grandma, the kids are usually a bit off. Today this is compounded by the fact that both kids and I are headachy, tired, and generally feel cruddy. Meh. Blea. After some behavioral altercations this morning (which I did not start! I was being good!) we appear to have gotten on the right track for school.

I got a Tumblr account. I’m sigridellis over there, as I am in most places on the internet. God, I *love* my nearly-unique name. (There is one other Sigrid Ellis in the U.S., he-or-she is an elderly person living in Tennessee, I think, and does not have an internet presence.) I am not certain of the purpose of Tumblr in my life, yet, but … But it seems to be taking over some of the function LiveJournal used to have.

I’m not sure which functions, exactly, though. I think — I suspect — that a lot of the back-and-forth conversation among large groups of people who only sort-of know each other is taking place on Tumblr, now. And while that was never the Critical Part of LiveJournal That I Loved, I do find that it was a part that I noticed and liked. Twitter does a great deal of that sort of thing, and it’s one of the features of Twitter I revel in. But Twitter can’t do longer, more involved conversations. And I don’t want it to try, dammit. I don’t want Twitter to try to be everything to everyone and get big and slow and tedious. So, Tumblr.

But already the one thing I’ve tried to feed into my Tumblr, I can’t figure out how to do it. I tried to feed my GoodReads reviews over there, and couldn’t make it work. Ah well.

It’s snowing here, again.

Last night’s gaming was lots of fun. We played Munchkin Bites, which started off at a cut-throat, vindictive level of play, and continued in that line. I do not normally like that sort of thing, but Munchkin games are a good vehicle for that. It’s hard to take it seriously when someone is playing a Schadenfreude Slip, or A Really Big Sword That Cuts Through Everything Just Like In That One Movie. (Those are both real items in Munchkin Bites.)

All right. I must go take out the garbage, and then get the kids geared up for karate and haul them over there. It’s a short drive, and the kids love the class, so all of that should be just fine. I’m just grumpy, and querelous, and don’t wanna.