Short post is short

1. So M saved up his money and bought a really big Lego set, Portal to Atlantis. And today we finished building it. After ho lost steam (it’s a huge set!) I took over. And, while I was building, M and K were playing with the portions that were done.

Let me just say, J and I have not been remiss in educating the children on fairy tales. The plot involved a dead king, a dying mother trapped on the other side of the portal, the children of the king and queen gathering “to pay our proper respect in mourning,” a lost treasure, and some talking sharks. All in incredibly formal language. I nearly snickered aloud, but that would have been disrespectful.

2. I watched the movie Shutter Island last night. I found it . . . not for me. I found the lead character to be incredibly self-absorbed, selfish, whiny, and uninteresting. But, that might just be my biases.

3. It’s snowing again, here. Not like the east coast, which got buried again, but enough to make driving really tediously dangerous.

4. I’m trying to think of good ways to combine two things I have mixed feelings about, steampunk and fairy tales. Hmm.