The goal

My kids are old enough that, on mornings that J and I aren’t feeling well, they can get ready on their own. Sure, it takes them longer than it does when one of us is riding herd, but it gets done. Food, bathing, clothing, music practice, chores — it all gets done. While I sit in bed sipping tea and endlessly blowing my nose and half-watching Al-Jazeera via Roku.

I don’t really understand the oft-noised-about parental refrain of “they grow up too fast.” Every new skill they master is another step towards me being a success as a parent — parental success being the goal of sending a competent, ethical, reasonably happy adult out into the world.

Okay, I’ve been staring blankly at the tv for ten minutes. Time to go get more tea, and blow my nose some more.

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