Pop culture Sunday

1. I watched the remake of The Karate Kid. I liked it, much better than the original, honestly. I kinda bounced off of the original Karate Kid. Not the right age or time or situation, I guess. And Mr. Miyagi made me think that the movie was ripping off the Star Wars franchise. But the remake I liked a lot. The Smith kids appear to be genuinely talented, and I love Jackie Chan pretty much no matter what he is doing. I will watch comedies to see him move.

And, yes, I love a training montage. I know perfectly well that one does not become a karate master in two months or whatever, no matter how talented. But it’s powerful and inspiring anyway.

2. I was listening to Lindsey Lohan’s song “Rumors,” and mentally comparing it to Britney Spears’ “Piece of Me.” Both are songs speaking directly to the paparazzi. Both ask to be left alone. Yet the Spears number sounds more powerful, angrier, than Lohan’s. Lohan sounds more uncomprehending, more confused. Like she genuinely does not understand why she can’t be left alone to go out with her friends. Spears seems to imply that, on some level, she is worth the media’s time and attention, and is simply angry at the form that attention takes.

3. I’ve been listening to a podcast by The Deceptionists, some friends and acquaintances of mine. It’s a writing group, essentially, which you the listener get to participate in via emails and Twitter and on the blog. The five hosts have experience in writing fiction and non-fiction, and all know the various blockades in the way of writing original fiction.

I recommend The Deceptionists if you are a fiction writer trying to get traction on a career, someone starting out and still trying to work out you craft. I know that each time I listen to the podcast I am itching to sit down and write.

4. N took the kids to the mall today for a massive Pokemon Black and White launch party. From the tweeted photos it looks like a good time was largely had.

5. Last week I bought Ladyhawke‘s 2008 album, Ladyhawke. I love this album, wow. I mean, I got the single “Paris is Burning” ages ago and loved it, and I don’t know why it took me this long to download the rest of the album from Zune, because, wow, I love it.

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  1. I’m glad that the Deceptionists has the effect on people of making them want to write! I’ve been hearing that a lot, and that’s really our goal as much as anything.

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