House arrest, with books.

The kids successfully flew by themselves to Chicago to visit their grandmother, and successfully returned. Their adventures included the Museum of Science and Industry, the Children’s Museum, seeing their cousins, and watching a vast ton of Pokemon movies. Said Pokemon movies returned home with the children, a feat which my mother informs me is “grandparent privilege.”

Upon re-entry to the house after a vacation, usually the kids are a bit … problematic. There’s resistance to the resumption of rules and schedules and chores. This time, K has ended up on what I call house arrest.

When you, o child of mine, demonstrate that your judgment is insufficient for you to make good decisions when out of my sight, then you must remain in my sight. House arrest lasts about a day or so, and it’s frankly hard on the adults to keep up. I don’t want to follow you around the house while you pick out socks! Not my idea of a good time! But when you choose to, not at all hypothetically, tie your self into a rope sling suspended from the basement rafters, incite your brother to cut your dolls’ hair, and color on your socks in crayon, your judgment is clearly not up to the task.

House arrest is tedious. Yet, as I said on Twitter last night, we’re not barbarians. House arrest means you sit around and read books. K and I went upstairs (so she could feed Togepi and Piku, her stuffed Pokemon, their dinner) and picked out some books. John Bellairs, The Ghost in Mirror. Two Famous Five books. The first Arana tpb collection. An anthology of Greek myth. Eyewitness Insects. The Pokedex. This is in addition to the book we are reading to the kids in the morning and at bedtime, Caddie Woodlawn. And in addition to books we read for school.

I think about a dozen people on Twitter yesterday said they would rather be on house arrest with K than go to work.

In the meantime, it’s snowing and sleeting and blustery here, and the reports I’m getting indicate that driving conditions are not good. So we’re not going to the Y this morning but are staying in. I expect I’ll make the kids go play outside for a bit so they can run around before school. I was sort of looking forward to the Y today, actually. I’ll make up for it by biking in the basement, I suppose.

House arrest indeed.