Nothing to see here, folks

1. Lo, I am sick and pathetic and at work. I’ve been up since two, since my sore throat woke me up. But I did get a load of dishes done before I came in.

2. I’m at work because I don’t have enough sick leave to get the day off. But I did swap into an all-day training class, so I don’t have to talk, think, or deal with aircraft. You, the flying public, are welcome.

3. I started watching Read or Die last night (and this morning at 2:00 am). More accurately, I’m watching R.O.D. – the TV. That’s apparently the name of it. Not “the TV show,” or anything, just “the TV” Which I keep reading as “transvestite.” But, anyway, it’s the sequel to the Read or Die OVA and Read or Dream — or, at least, that’s what Wikipedia says? I really like it so far. More shows about groups of super-powered women who are friends and family!

4. I should order more volumes of Fullmetal Alchemist from my library.