Saturday morning is for miscellaneous

1. The MN FIRST Regionals were a lot of fun. There’s something about seeing 600+ teenage robot jockeys running around with INTENSE ENTHUSIASM that makes me feel good about the future. M and K had fun, especially working with the LEGO Mindstorms robot league.

2. I haven’t talked about the movie Sucker Punch yet because the Fantastic Fangirls are attempting to start podcasting, and that’s our first topic. We recorded our conversation and are working on the technical aspects of hosting it for our listening public. More news as events warrant ….

3. N has found a really good dvd ripping program and is racing through the household dvds. Which are 90% mine, I think. It has gotten to the point where we need a search/tag/archive/something program to find things. He says he’ll look into it.

4. Familial plans are afoot! My brother, his wife, and their kids are going to visit in early May, at the time of the kids’ circus shows. And my sister, her kids, and my mother are planning a visit in June. Excellent!

5. Low-salt food and regular exercise have done the trick, and my blood pressure is back to acceptable. I, of course, need to continue low-salt and exercise, and monitor the situation. But I am *extremely pleased* at this turn of events.

6. I have to do my taxes next week. I MEANT to be more on top of things this year, but I’m not. Dangit.

3 Responses

  1. For #3, I’m thinking I’m going to have to roll my own, but if anyone has suggestions for alternatives I’d love to hear about it. (I have decided that My Movies is just too much work to maintain, oddly enough.)

  2. Oooo, what dvd ripping program are you using?

    Also, congrats on achieving an acceptable blood pressure! That is a most excellent accomplishment. *grin*

  3. We’re using a combination of AnyDVD for decryption/region munging and Handbrake for transcoding.

    I used to use DVDFab Decryptor but I’m much happier with the AnyDVD/Handbrake solution. On my Core i4 system I run through an hour of video in less then 20 minutes, sometimes faster if the original resolution isn’t great.

    I’m really glad that I up’d the space on the server last summer to 6TB though with mirroring. I’m even more looking forward to rebuilding the box in the next month or two when Windows Home Server 2011 is released. 4TB of that 6 is currently connected via USB2, but it’ll be on eSATA on the new box which should be a huge improvement.

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