New things I am trying

1. I made a for my Twitter feed — this will aggregate all the links my Twitter-stream posts into a newspaper-style post every 24 hours. I’ll see if I read it.

2. TweetDeck. I am using Lists more and more, so I am trying TweetDeck. So far the new-interface-learning is making me grumpy. I am a creature of DEEP HABIT, and learning to look in a different place on my screen is an irritation to my slight compulsive tendencies.

3. Body of Proof is a new tv show about a medical examiner. As such it combines police shows with hospital shows. And it stars Dana Delany, who I fell half in love with ages ago when she played on China Beach. Also, Jeri Ryan plays Delany’s boss. Also, it is damn nice to see a woman who looks like she’s past 40 as the lead on a drama.

4. This isn’t new, but Wiscon preliminary panel assignments are out. I am very excited about this. A bit.

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