Saturday night is for miscellaneous

1. Tentatively, it looks like the possible new work rules to prevent controllers sleeping on shifts won’t affect me too much. Here’s hoping.

2. The season five opener of Friday Night Lights was just SITTING there on Hulu, so, yeah, I’m going to try watching it without going back and watching the intervening seasons. Maybe I’ll pick them up if this really grabs me.

3. I stopped using Tweetdeck. The interface was making me INSANE. I’m currently trying Sobees, which is okay so far. Okay, not great.

4. M moved from Trout to Guppy in his swim classes! This is most excellent, as he cares a lot about measures of advancement. And it’s good because, well, a person needs to know how to swim. Both of my children are better in the water than I am. This is all to the good, since I think it’s one of my parenting JOBS to not pass on my weaknesses to my kids.

5. The interesting thing about putting on muscle without losing weight it that the sleeves of my t-shirts are ever-so-slightly tighter than they were last summer. I notice it; it bothers me. I dislike my clothes to be touching me in ways I notice. (This actually makes no real sense, and is just a neurotic ocd thing, never mind, move along.) My sleeves are touching me all the time aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh.

6. After two years, we finally got our garage door replaced! The garage door now OPENS!!!

7. Next week is full of good things. Trap shooting, dinner with Jen B., getting the main sewer of the house snaked out (this may sound odd, but it is SO MUCH BETTER to get this done before it backs up and raw sewage floods your basement, LET ME TELL YOU,) seeing Hanna on Friday with L.. I am excited about all of this, and pleased, and wish I was more alert and awake and full of energy going into my work week. Blea.

8. The lentil soup turned out really nicely, by the way.