Dashing away to the day

1. Happy birthday to N! In celebration we are hustling off to breakfast before K’s 10:40 makeup call for her final Blue show.

2. Apparently some of K’s older friends watched her Unicycle act last night, cheering and calling her name.

I’m not sure what to make of these friendships. K is friends with these pre-teen girls in a way that is both honest friendship and slightly mascot-y. They genuinely seem to like her, and she genuinely likes them. :shrugs: It’s one of those social dynamics that I was never any good at as a kid, but that K navigates with confidence. I approve of the role models they provide, so, it all seems fine. I’m just not certain what they are all getting out of it.

3. My nieces took to amusement park rides like ducks to water. Ducks. To. Water.

4. I finished Jinx, the comic by Brian Michael Bendis, yesterday. I am sort of stunned by how good it is. I think it may have made my list of Top Five Romance Stories.