Thursday, with bonus Madeline Kahn

1. I have resorted to collegiate habits. I wrote out on a piece of paper a three-week calendar, from now until Wiscon, and filled in all the things I need to do between now and then. This always helps me, because I can see that the tasks are accomplishable — as long as I stay on-task.

2. I finished reading (or, re-reading,) Joanna Russ’s How to Suppress Women’s Writing. I haven’t read this since, oh, I don’t know, 1996? I internalized it at the time, incorporating it into my worldview. But re-reading it still hits me hard. I get such intense rage reading the techniques by which the cultural contributions of the half the planet — more, really, because these techniques apply to racial and ethnic minorities as well — are marginalized.

Yes. Rage like that.

3. I am reading Robert McKee’s STORY, a book on screenwriting. And it is causing me to admire the t.v. show Hellcats even more. My goodness, this show is tightly written. Every scene does at least two things. Even the pauses for 1) musical numbers or 2) cheerleading routines either advance the plot or reveal characters changes, in addition to being show numbers. Highly economical writing.

4. Today, in addition to school and housework, I must go make flyers for the Whedonistas party at Wiscon. Also go to the bank, pick my dog up from the vet, and take M to get a haircut. This is all doable, yes.

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