One more day to get things done

1. In advance of the Memorial Day rush, we visited the Fort Snelling National Cemetery yesterday and put flowers on J’s father’s grave. I find all cemeteries solemn, but the national ones more so. All those who have served …

2. I got a new phone yesterday! The Nexus S 4G. It’s Google’s personal version of an Android phone, running on Gingerbread. So far I think it’s going to be a contest between how much it CAN do and how badly those capacities eat the battery. We’ll see.

I kept my Palm Pixi, though. If I don’t like the Nokia, I’ll go back to the Pixi. I love that little phone!

J asked me why I was getting a new phone, if I loved my old one. The thing is, I’m not an early adopter of tech, by any means. But I am in the closer second waves. There’s no one specific thing that makes me want the Adroid phone, it’s more an accretion of little bits of information about what the Android can do. After a while, I think, huh, there’s a lot out there I could use.

3. I finished Matterhorn! I won’t by any means finish all the books I wanted to before Wiscon. That’s okay, though. I still feel prepared.

4. I got NONE of the cleaning done yesterday that I wanted. NONE. Instead I ran errands and spent lots of high-quality time with my family. I’ll take that deal, yes please.


5 Responses

  1. Not “Nokia”, it’s “Nexus”. BIG difference. 😛

  2. They both start with N!

    To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t noticed those weren’t the same word….

  3. Heh. Nokia is a Scandinavian company that is the world’s largest phone manufacturer, though currently loosing marketshare in the smartphone sector by huge amounts. Has recently made a deal with Microsoft to be a big partner for Windows Phone 7/8.

    Nexus is the badge for the line of phones from Google that they use as showcases for the Android platform. A “Nexus” phone is not from any particular manufacturer and your’s in particular was built by Samsung. (The “Nexus One” for example was made by HTC)

  4. Now that you MENTION that I can see that they are different words! But at no point in any of this did I notice those were not the same word.

  5. Your confusion of the words does make me wonder how common that sort of confusion is.

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