We who are about to embark

Oh, my children. They greeted me this morning with tears and Pokemon. The Pokemon, the children assure me, will miss me while I am away at Wiscon. A lot. So far K has started silently crying twice, and M has burst into tears once. That’s in an hour and a half.

Oh, my children. I will miss you, too.

I miss my family hugely when I am gone. I miss J, and my kids, and N. We have a nice house and a good life and a solid family, and I miss them when we are apart.

The kids made cards for me, and I will make cards for them before I go. Something to look at as a tangible reminder that we will be back together in a few days.

That said, my bags are packed (except for this computer) and Nancy Clue will be by to pick me up in a couple of hours.

Those of you attending Wiscon, I’ll see you soon.

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