Wiscon: Whedonistas room party

Last night, y’all — I don’t even know how to say it.

Thank you.

Last night Mad Norwegian Press sponsored a Whedonistas / Resurrection Code book launch party. Mad Norwegian published Lars Pearson was in attendance, and donated even more books to the raffle giveaway. Seanan McGuire (whose name I have been mentally mispronouncing for a year and am trying to re-learn to say) was an amazing rockstar bartender. Cat Valente and Sarah Monette hosted in the early portion of the party. And Michael Thomas, Lynne Thomas, and I closed the thing down at 1:00 a.m..

From the moment the doors opened, the party was full.

I know perfectly well that many, many folks came in for the mai-tais and mojitos and then left with their drinks to peruse other parties. But many of you who walked in with that intention got pulled into conversations and stayed. That was the sort of room it was — incredibly loud, a bit too hot, jammed with people all talking and laughing and sharing their infectious enthusiasms.

It would not have been that party if you all hadn’t made it thus.

I especially want to thank The Fangirl Posse, who showed up at 9:15, got themselves fruity drinks with little paper umbrellas, and then stayed until we closed. Y’all are my people.

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