Nov 2nd state of things

1. The presenters on the BBC are all wearing poppies, making me have to go look up when Armistice Day is. NEXT WEEK, I was not wrong.

2. The kids have been great recently. They are pretty awesome people, and I rather like them.

3. We have this week off from circus, which is a nice little break. Also, Circus swore that the winter term registration would be out before the end of October, and they have failed in that.

4. Halloween was LOVELY. Halloween in my neighborhood always fills me with a sense of benevolent optimism towards humanity.

5. I started my NaNoWriMo novel, which is good. What is bad is I *may* have to read the Iliad at the same time. Because, see, Schiff’s Cleopatra, A Life talks about how all the educated Ptolemaic Greeks of Cleopatra’s day were incredibly familiar with Homer. How the Iliad was THE cultural touchstone for metaphor and allusion, like the U.S. today deals in Shakespeare and Biblical references. So if I am to be writing from the point of view of educated Ptolemaic Greeks, then they would be tossing about references to Homer.

I’ve never read the Iliad. Erm.

6. I had to order a physical copy of Schiff’s book because flipping back and forth in my ebook sucks and I hate it. That said, I saw one of the most current-gen Kindles last night and I kinda want it rather a lot.

7. I have a cunning plan to buy the dvd of the Oxfordian movie Anonymous, bring it to Wiscon, supply my friends with wine, and be vastly entertained as they watch the movie in sputtering outrage.