November 26th

1. I have my new computer. Five hours into my work shift (and, bear in mind, I have been doing air traffic control; the computer set up is on my breaks) and I am almost done getting it the way I want. I need to grab a few items off of my old netbook, likely next week. And I need to explore such things as the dvd and movie software. I haven’t had an optical drive in, oh, four years?

2. I applied for a credit card through my credit union. I haven’t had a credit card in ten years. In my twenties I racked up a, ah, a certain amount of credit card debt. I got out from under it when my partner at the time and I split up. She kept the house, and the money I got for my share of the equity was enough to clear my debts. I haven’t had a credit card since then. But, in the intervening ten years I appear to have figured out how to pay my bills on time and live within my means. And this whole “getting my debit card canceled” business made me think I should have a backup. We’ll see how this goes.

3. I don’t have a third thing.

One Response

  1. Credit unions have good rates. That’s where my main credit card is through. I treat it like a debit card for the most part, and it works very well for me.

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