1. I personally solved a number of the issues with my new computer this weekend, like why Windows Update wasn’t working. I googled the error message and went to the MS forums, where I read pages of comments and discussion. I figured out what was applicable to my situation, and implemented the suggestion, deleting a set of files on my computer. AND IT WORKED.

I am absurdly proud of this, considering that my actual accomplishment amounts to “can follow written directions.”

2. Speaking of written directions, N left me a set explaining what to do about my Microsoft Office problems, and I followed them, and now Office works. Thank you, N, and go me for again being able to follow a set of directions.

3. In fairness, though, the trick with computer-related-instructions is that what happens is NEVER exactly what the directions describe. And if you are following blindly, there is a bit of judgment involved. Also, it’s a bit high-risk. What if I do something wrong, and completely bork my new laptop? Granted, it could likely be wiped clean and set up fresh, but I cannot do this myself. At that point I would throw it at N.

4. I have a blogging plan for December. Also, I have started work on my year-end posts.

5. I am going to default on NaNo this year. A few things conspired against me. However, I am 34000 words into this novel, and I intend to finish the rough draft before the year is out.

6. The stressier I feel, the more pocketknives and pocket-tools I carry. I don’t know who my subconscious thinks I am, that I am going to need two Leatherman tools and a Swiss Army knife. Will I need to cut the ropes? Will I need to defuse the bomb? Will I need to jimmy the lock? Will I need to shave tinder for a fire?

Seriously, brain, let’s think this through. If you are stressed and want to feel prepared and in control, carry a notebook and a pen.

Oh, wait, I have those in my pockets, too.

J complains that my pants weigh a metric ton. The extent of the hardware in the pockets goes a ways towards explaining that.

2 Responses

  1. Just glad it turned out to be a problem between the suite version of Office installed rather then a key problem. (Hopefully the next version of Office will work the same way that the current versions of Windows work where you have one installation media for ALL Suites and the key just unlocks the various bits.)

  2. Oh ghods, computer things like that. I too feel absurdly competent when I can get something to work (it used to be something I was matter-of-fact about, but between my cognitive issues and the complexity – and variability – of computer things nowadays… *wry*).

    And as for the pocket-tool thing, ditto, though they’re in my purse rather than in pockets. Well, most of them are; the mini-leatherman is often in a pocket, and the cellphone sometimes joins it there. I’m always toting around a Swiss army knife (the corkscrew on it has been a party-saver more than once *grin*) and a mini-Leatherman; often there’s the larger Leatherman as well. And the Palm Pilot, and the cell phone, and the iPod, and often the Kindle. And of course the notebook and pencil and pens. (And then there’s the medication… several sorts condensed into two or three pill bottles. Oy.)

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