November 29th 2011

1. My boots are dead.

I have four pair of boots. There’s the motorcycle boots with the chains, which I love the look of but cannot wear much. They are too big in the foot, and too tight in the calf, and they make my knees hurt. Yet I cannot part with them. Then there’s my everyday boots, the ones I replace every two years and wear constantly in the spring and the fall. I have two pair of winter boots — no, three, this is Minnesota, one is the emergency pair that stays in the Winter Kit in the trunk of my car. One pair is mid-calf height and very, very warm. Too warm for most winter days. The final pair, my everyday Columbia winter boots, are the ones that died.

The leather and the rubber had become separated, which is not an insurmountable problem. The rubber had crack and spilt, also not insurmountable. But the rubber had cracked and split and the leather had torn away on the spot where the toe bends with each step, and THAT proves to be irreparable. I left the shoe repair place with a heavy, heavy heart.


2. I bought new everyday winter boots. Also Columbia brand, slightly higher, slightly lighter, rated to -25F. I think they will do very nicely.

3. I bought Christmas cards, go me.

4. My Jamie McKelvie poster arrived today, the one with two young adults on a rooftop. In my head this is an AU story about Scott Summers and Jean Grey, in which they are international models-slash-spies. Scott is the American, and Jean is Scottish. He is a solid company man and she is a quadruple agent, sometimes it’s hard to keep track. They are at an afternoon reception, and have slipped away to the roof to meet — they are pretending to have a torrid, semi-secret, on-again-off-again scandalous affair in order to explain their relationship and hide that they are spies. Jean has just given Scott the secret documents and is heading back downstairs to pretend they just had a fight. Little do they know that their subterfuge has been spotted by agents in the building behind them. Hijinks will ensue.

Okay, I didn’t say it was a GREAT story, just that it is in my head.

It is, however, a great print. Thank you, Mr. McKelvie.

5. I had a list of things I was to get done today, and I have lost the list. I’d best get on that.

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