December 1st 2011

1. Here’s an interesting article on reasons to NOT become a Unitarian Universalist.

2. Some medical things have been going on in my household, which aren’t mine to tell, and which have had us all considerably worried and stressed for at least three months, if not much of the year. Yesterday we got some tentatively good news. Yes, this is vague and irritating. Why mention it at all? Because this blog is partially my journal, for one thing. For another, because positive things — including relief — should be mentioned. This is not, not, NOT some sort of passive-aggressive cue for all of you lovely readers to say something about this item, please don’t think that.

3. We live trap mice all winter, I think I’ve mentioned that. Our house is old and … porous, shall we say? And we cannot for love (we are very motivated) or money (we have spent some number of dollars on steel wool, wire mesh, and caulk) stop the damn little creatures from getting in.

Yet, we keep mice as pets. So, every morning, the family troops into the kitchen to inspect the wild mice and coo over how CUTE they are. And then someone puts on pants and drops the mice in a wintry field a few miles away.

4. I need a haircut so much, you guys. I can tuck my bangs behind my ears. I am going to try to get J to cut it today.

ETA: Before this posted, she cut my hair. Thank goodness. Real-time updates as events warrant.

5. N gave me his old Nook Color, with the Gingerbread OS installed. I … Haven’t found a use for it, yet. I think, given the enormous size of my new laptop, that I will take the tablet with me to conventions and on vacations? Maybe? But I don’t have any of those coming up soon. We’ll see. In the meantime I keep poking at it and thinking, “I could be doing this on my computer.”

N, this does NOT mean I am giving it BACK. Just so we’re clear.

6. Various comics and writing professionals have had computer disasters this year, which I end up hearing about on Twitter. This has led to me having a system of multiple backups on servers, drives, and on various cloud systems. Think of everything you have on your computer. Now, wouldn’t it be a complete pain in the ass if you lost it all? Backups are your friend.

2 Responses

  1. If you don’t start using it I may just have to reclaim it. 😛

  2. 6. Ugh, yes. All I lost was about 10 hours worth of work, but hey, it turns out my blog database has a character limit on entries, who knew? It’s more than happy to just let you add more to the top and cut off the bottom for you to compensate. With no error message.

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