December 2, 2011

1. The lot next to us has been empty for some time. The new owners announced their intention to demolish the home and build new, but they hadn’t done anything for a while. The demolition is scheduled for next Tuesday, now, though, and they have started work.

The work appears to consist largely of removing every tree on the lot.

That’s about a dozen trees.

We are not thrilled at this turn of events. Primarily because it removes the trees and the habitat. But also because it implies that they are going to put a massive structure next to us. Also, thirdly, it says something about their default standard of yard-appearance. Our yard is a designated urban wildlife habitat. It is full of native species, it is overgrown, and every autumn we accept bags of fallen leaves from the neighbors to blanket our yard in thick, rich, decaying habitat. This may not be a meeting of minds, here, is what I’m saying.

2. We ran out of hair conditioner, and I grabbed a bottle of Nature’s Gate conditioner, and this stuff reeks an ungodly reek. It has a Reek of Wrongness. The chemical stink of the “herbal scent” is pervading the house with an acrid, eye-watering cloud of aerosolized stench. Also, it’s making K sneeze and sniff.

3. My family really enjoys a word game app that I have on my phone, called Androgram. I … find the game frustrating. If Cute is a word, and Cuter, then why not Recute? Or Decute? English is a living language, darn it, and I can use recute in a sentence and you will understand me. It’s a word.

Also, it wouldn’t accept Petard. Whatever.

4. I should look up when Yuletide is due.

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