December 4th 2011

1. It finally snowed in a substantive, Minnesotan fashion. Sticky, wet, fluffy snow that ices over on warm cars while children shriek with delight at the snowball-related possibilities. I drove home last night in the snow. I am less than fond of driving in snow, though I do continue to choose to live here in Minnesota, so it’s a self-inflicted pain.

I do swear at the snow a nit, in my head, while I am driving, though.

Okay, perhaps more than a bit.

Okay, in all honesty, the inside of my head, when faced with the prospect of driving 37 miles on unplowed, un-salted, uncleared highway sound remarkably like Al Swearengen from the tv show Deadwood.

Here’s a link to clips of Swearengen. Manifestly not safe for work, for a host of reasons.

2. On the day that I forgot my headphones, I got 2500 words written on Yuletide. On the next day, remembering my headphones, I watched movies on every break.

Here’s the thing. I enjoy listening to music while I write. And I enjoy watching some television shows at work. A simple “no internet” function on my computer, or a productivity minder, these things have not worked for me in the past. I just turn them off because they irritate me. What I need, more than an electronic nanny, is some strength of purpose and character, I think.

And, you know, looming deadlines help. That’s what I always appreciated about ficathons. The looming deadlines and fear of failure.

3. I love training montage scenes in movies. I would like a montage of training montages, that I could watch for inspiration.

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