Tuba Christmas!

I took today off of work so that I might see K and N play at Tuba Christmas. It was a delight.

Our Saint Paul Tuba Christmas is held in a lovely church in downtown Satin Paul. J scored some excellent on-street parking a half-block away, and we got excellent front row seats.

It is traditional for people to decorate their horns and persons for this. K wore Christmas ribbon barrettes, and Christmas ornament earrings, and put Christmas lights in the bell of her horn. (She plays American Baritone, for the record. We say she plays euphonium because it’s practically the same instrument. Small differences.)

The brass played each carol through once and then the audience would join in singing the first verse and chorus. The horn playing is very loud. My seat shook with the bass notes. (Which, frankly, is how I prefer all of my music-going experiences. With a bass presence that makes my ribs vibrate.)

I loved singing along. I have a perfectly mediocre voice and a perfectly mediocre alto range. I sing in the car, I sing a bit around the house, I sing along when J plays Christmas carols on the piano. Yet, one of my favorite ways to sing is when the music is so loud I don’t have to worry about being on-key. The horns and the 800+ people in the audience drowned out little ol’ me. Moreover, the brass drowns out any differences in lyric, melody, or scansion that the singers may have. It’s liberating.

K was the youngest player there. The conductor had her stand up and brandish her horn over her head. She’s short enough that it was still almost impossible to see her.

I’m very proud of my daughter. She did great.

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  1. For the curious, there is almost certainly a TubaChristmas somewhere near you this year. Check the website that Sig linked to for all the official locations! St Paul is a medium sized event with 125 players (this year. It varies between 115-130). A couple of the events in Chicago, New York City, and LA are 2-4x that size and too impressive for words. But even the small events with maybe a dozen players are worth seeing.

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