December 14th 2011

Yesterday was rather lovely.

Things I accomplished:

slush reading for Apex
school with the kids
tai chi practice
weight training at the Y
pre-writing some blog entries
three loads of dishes
making soup
uploading fic to Yuletide
importing Novel to Scrivner
answering all email
buying more long underwear

J went to the bank and the grocery store, so those things were accomplished, too.

I also listened to a lengthy discussion of alien races and their characteristics, got my nose kissed a few times, wrangled the kids through their chores with no fussing, and read a book for more than ten consecutive minutes.

The house next to us came down yesterday. Lots of earth-shaking demolition. M wanted to step outside and look, and we let him for a moment, but we kept thinking “clouds of dust, possibly asbestos-laden.” I mean, not that our house would provide a ton of protection from asbestos clouds, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Today we are going back to the History Center, if all goes according to plan. And there shall also be new comics. I approve of both of these things.

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