December 20 2011

1. I took the kids to see the movie Hugo last night. I quite liked the film. I think I’m a little bit outside the target demographic, but it was very good.

By target demographic, I don’t mean “kids”. I think the target demographic is “people who alone and lonely and feel their lives may not have any meaning or purpose and want to find those things.” It could be a movie for kids or adolescents, looking to strike out in the world and discover their first passions and goals. It could be for adults who are adrift, particularly in the holiday season, feeling isolated from friends and family. It could be for people who feel they are unappreciated and invisible. Or, if you don’t particularly feel that way right now, if you have felt those ways in the past, and still remember it and appreciate good stories about those feelings. I, personally, have many narrative quirks and kinks, this just isn’t exactly one of them.

It could also be for people who appreciated really good storyboarding, cinematography, and art direction, because all of those things were good, too. And the acting was superb, from the leads to the small parts on the periphery. I loved Chloe Moretz in this. I watched her play Isobel and thought of my kids in a couple years.

2. Tonight we’re seeing The Soul of Gershwin: The Musical Journey of an American Klezmer at the Park Square Theater. I am really looking forward to this. I love Gershwin’s music, and find the klezmer adaptations to be great fun. Fun, and also deeply serious. Which is kinda how I like my fun.

3. We may have a beige Christmas, the first (I think) since the kids were born.

4. My co-editor and I are *thisclose* to being done with Chicks Dig Comics. Very excited about this!

3 Responses

  1. Heh, I was going to say, “Maybe stories about lonely people discovering unexpected, intense connections IS one of my story quirks.” And then just starting to type that, I started crying, like I cried all through watching ‘Hugo,’ so I suspect your diagnosis of the movie’s appeal is *correct*.

  2. @Caroline Aww! :grins: I really did like the film a lot. So did K. M found it really stressful.

  3. Aww, I can see the stressed-out reaction, too.

    I think the movie it reminded me of most is ‘Babe: Pig in the City’ which I have a similar disproportionate/ridiculous reaction to.

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