December 22 2011

1. N and I took the kids to see The Muppets yesterday evening. There were hijinks (the first theater was not actually showing the film, we almost drove to the wrong second theater) en route, but on seeing the film all four of us really enjoyed it. We were the only people in the theater, which was great, because I did not have to get the kids to laugh more quietly.

2. I jogged yesterday. That’s probably the first time I’ve run since I was a teenager. I didn’t die, and actually enjoyed it. How weird is that?

3. Last night, after a hectic few days, I got a chance to read all of the bookmarked things I wanted to go back to, watch various videos from links, and catch up on comics. Delightful.

4. If anyone wants to write me Claudia Donovan (from Warehouse 13) crossover fic with Olivia Dunham (Fringe), I would appreciate it. In my head, Claudia hacks into the Fringe computers, and Dunham goes to arrest her, and while they are negotiating the arrest, Dunham gets an emergency call to go catch a fugitive she’s been chasing for a while, Sarah Connor (Terminator franchise). She has to drag Claudia along, they end up teaming up, there’s lots of emotionally vulnerable conversations in cheap motel rooms, and when they find Sarah Connor they have to decide whether the fact that she’s crazy stops her from being right.

So, you know, plot bunny there for anyone who wants to write me a present.

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  1. Shoryl and I enjoyed The Muppets, though not unreservedly. And it sparked a long conversation on the way home about kindness, and cynicism, and what “innocence” can mean in all its forms. It did take me a few minutes to get used to the voices, and I had a cognitive dissonance moment early on. Something about “you’ve been dating for 10 years, and you still sleep in a room with a muppet?” And then I realized, well, yes, that’s the *plot*, right there, and I got over it.

    Overall, it was a joy to watch something where the assumption was that people are basically good and innocent, but not *stupid*.

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