Christmas Eve

I’m posting now, because later today will be full of the church Christmas pageant, and then we will open presents and have a fire in the fireplace and listen to carols. Our family traditions.

This morning is off to a lovely start. I slept in and was awoken by a snuggling, cheerful family. I got up and ran a few errands. As I was leaving the FedEx/Kinko’s I spotted a young woman, not dressed for the weather, hopping a wall at the end of the commercial shops and walking down the sidewalk. As I drove away I thought, “it’s Christmas Eve, Sigrid,” and went back to offer her a ride. After dropping her off at her friend’s house I went to the Y to work out.

I seem to be plateaued at a 165# deadlift and a 95# bench press, which is irritating, but I will keep plugging away at it until I get stronger. And I walked/jogged another mile.

On the way home I got a chai-eggnog latte, because, you know, soon the eggnog season will be over. Must drink the chai-eggnog lattes while I can!

J made raspberry bars last night. This means the the kitchen is a mess, and I have a lot of dishes to do. But more importantly that that it means that I had a brunch of raspberry bar and chai-eggnog latte. Mmmm, raspberry bars.

The kids are sitting on the couch with J. She’s reading A Christmas Carol to them for school. It’s an abridged version based on the version Dickens modified for his own public readings. The language is rich and dramatic, and I am enjoying listening in.

Have a good weekend, all.

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