December 30 2011

1. J is still recovering very nicely from surgery. Excellent. M, on the other hand, is sick with some sort of flu-esque something, which I am hoping I do not get. Poor guy napped for two and a half hours yesterday and is coughing rather a lot.

2. I worked out yesterday with my new, Christmas-gift, weight-lifting gloves. They make me feel like a complete bad-ass, even when the guy next to me is on his seventh set of ten chin-ups. I can admire his chin-ups, and his devotion to his work, while at the same time being proud of my deadlifts and my new-found running. I ran a half-mile yesterday, in intervals with a half-mile of walking. I think when I can run a mile I’m going to get a tattoo, or something.

3. Costume elements of clothing, or affiliation elements, are something I have always liked and which have never done what I wanted. I like my weight-lifting gloves. Yet when I wear them, I do not look like the guy doing the chin-ups. When I wear a gear-and-sprocket necklace, I do not look like a steampunk engineer. When I used to wear square-toed black leather motorcycle boots, I did not look appreciably punk. I looked like me, with boots.

4. I’m pondering this because I need a new scarf. And I am taking this opportunity to look around for geeky-punky-dorky somewhat butch-queer scarves. If such things exist — the internet tells me they do not, at least not under the search terms I have tried. I want a scarf that signifies identity affiliations. So, like, I would like a Jean Grey School for the Gifted scarf. (What are their school colors, anyway?) Or I would like a scarf with an Avengers logo on it. Or a scarf with the molecular diagram of ink on it. Or one with different physics formulas on it. Or one covered in the logos of different SF/F publishing houses. Or a scarf with the Vorkosigan House insignia on it. Or the Denver family crest. Or a knit scarf with the logos and insignia of ALL MY FAVORITES on it.

You see my problem. I think the only way to get these would be from Etsy, and only if I can find whoever is insane in the same ways I am, who also knits.

3 Responses

  1. Seriously, find out those Jean Grey school for the Gifted colors* and I will be all over this. I kinda love making Harry Potter-style scarves.

    *My bet is on green and gold, which might get you killed in this state.

  2. I have such trouble finding geek gear I truly love. And when I do find something, I still look like a 37 year old mother of a preschooler. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, you know.

  3. @Skye :Fistbump of parental solidarity:

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