Yuletide recommendations

I have gotten nowhere near through the Yuletide archive for this year. But I fear that if I keep waiting until I do, I’m going to lose momentum and never post my recommendations. So here, then, is a partial list of some of the Yuletide stories I have really liked.

Dust of the World, based on the Terri-Windling-edited series of Bordertown anthologies and novels. The premise of Bordertown is that people run away to it. This is the story of a girl who is born and raised there. I like this a lot; it seems to have much of the tone of the canonical anthologies.

The Wind in Her Hair is a Beverly Marsh story, post the end of Stephen King’s It. The mystery writer of the fic believes that Beverly Marsh loves to drive cars, and after reading this fic I agree one hundred percent. This is Bev’s life.

Monsters and Me, Oregon Trail and Pioneer Trail computer game fic. This is the story of Bess, presuming that she is a monster-hunter from a family of monster hunters, and presuming that werewolves are a larger threat to wagon trains than wolves. It works very well, and in, underneath the plot, a story about deciding to be something other than what you are born into.

Five Card Spread is post-series Carnivale fic featuring Sofie. It is grim and serious and dark, and what pleasantness there is in the story is ground away by bleak depression. Much like the series. I quite liked it as a result.

Episode Thirty-Three: The Dark Reflection. This is pre-movie Galaxy Quest fic about Gwen. A mirror-verse script is proposed, and Gwen has some thoughts on how her part in it is going to go. I could hear Sigorney Weaver in my head as I read this fic. That was all I asked for.

Go Catch a Falling Star. Eeeeee! This is Lord Peter Wimsey / Doctor Who fandom crossover case-fic, in which mysterious deaths are happening at the Wimsey ancestral estate, and Harriet and Peter meet some very odd investigative journalists who claim to be on the trail of the deaths as well, and it is all a perfect delight. Points for Harriet p.o.v, and for the solution being imperfect for all parties.

seven wonders of the scientific world is a pre-first season and first season Luther fic about Alice Morgan, and how she thinks of herself. It’s a creepy and thoughtful delight.

From Rome to Brundisium, With Stops is a post-series Rome fic about Pullo, Vorenus, and their family, from the point of view of a coming-out-as-transgender Vorena. It’s thoughtful and clever, and very much in keeping with the characters in the show.

The Doves and the Ravens. This is a flat-out weird post-apocalyptic mutant nightmare fic based on the video for “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. It’s just weird, and creepy, and well done.

A Special Limited-Time Offer is a delightfully sly bit of humor aimed at the current trend for grim, dark epic fantasy novels. It’s done in the style of Diana Wynne Jones’ A Tough Guide to Fantasyland, which is a book I adore to pieces. I highly recommend the book, if you can get it.

A Living Fire is a look at the rest of Mattie Ross’s life after the events of True Grit. It’s bleak and practical and hard, and it makes me like Mattie even more.

A clear glass window, at a sea dawn. A Chalion story, set five years after A Paladin of Souls, featuring Umegat. The language is perfect, the cultural details are inspired, and the the meditations on theology made me laugh. An excellent story all around.

Dragonsearch. The mystery writer sends Mirrim and Path out on a Search for more female candidates, and nothing goes as Mirrim plans. The story is a fine and gentle critique of the canon while being utterly faithful to the world of Pern. Nicely done.

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  1. Somehow I missed that there was Bordertown fic this year! Squee!

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