January 2 2012

It occurred to me, very belatedly, that today is the federal holiday for most people. I, of course, had my federal holiday yesterday.

I did take some holiday leave at the end of my shift and come home early. We went out grocery shopping, J and me and K. K, who may have a cold but doesn’t feel too bad, is desperate for all of her classes and activities to start up again. Grocery shopping isn’t exactly social, but it was better than nothing!.

M is watching so many documentaries he may, perhaps, be turning into a documentary. I’m not certain. I’m just pleased that when he’s sick all he wants to do is mainline information about the sciences.

Since the Yuletide reveal, I went and thanked the nice people who left comments on my fic. One of them very gently pointed out that, through the entire fic, I had spelled Ekaterin’s name wrong. I own all the books, I looked things up in them while I was writing, and I still spelled it wrong. I think I just read it wrong, like, on the page it’s Ekaterin and I see it as Ekaterine. But it was a chance to go back through and correct a few typos as well. Sigh.

4 Responses

  1. I loved the story as well; it felt like a missing piece, some interlude that might yet turn up in a short story collection or something. 🙂

    I tore through the whole Vorkosigan series for the first time this past year, and got to read much excellent fic as a reward. (Have you read dira’s offerings? So good, so amazingly voiced and plotted.)

    If I may offer an additional gentle correction? You use “the women” instead of “the woman” a couple of times when referring to Kolynko. I thought if you were still in the editing mood, you might want to tweak those.

    Kudos for entering and participating in Yuletide! That’s one of those opportunities I’d love to take on. As it is, my entry for Festivids is going to be down to the wire. (Silly adrenaline-fueled, last-minute tendencies. Some bad habits die hard.)

  2. @Kim Moreover, I mis-spelled Ekaterin as Ekaterine throughout the entire fic! I fixed that, caught the typo you mention, and three others. :headdesk:

    Thank you!

  3. I got called out but good on several (fairly small, but existing) canon errors when I first posted in Vorkosigan fandom; they were all totally fair, but I’ve been a tad nervous about writing in that fandom ever since.

    I just finished reading All The Fics in the Vorkosiverse this week, and I really enjoyed your story.

  4. @Erin It’s a lot of canon! I am still kicking myself over *misspelling her name*. 🙂

    Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.

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