Things in the trunk of my car

The trunk of my car is where I put a lot of my worry.

This is clearly a metaphor. Yet, it’s also not. I take a number of things over which I have no control, yet find worrisome — environmental collapse, failure of the world economy, car accidents, cancer, major injury to or death of a child, my death’s effect on my family, house fire, job loss, species extinction, multiply-resistant bacteria — and push them all aside. Instead I prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.

The Zombie Apocalypse, being fictional so far, gives me something to prepare for without allowing me to dwell on actual disasters. I do some things to prepare for the ZA in my everyday life. Work out. Shoot firearms. Have warm clothes. Keep prescriptions I need on hand. But I also keep a ZA kit in the trunk of my car.

The trunk of my car is full of objects that range from the practical to the highly silly. Here, then, are the complete contents of the trunk of my car. You’ve been warned.

child-sized red plastic snow shovel
three jugs of windshield washer fluid
two quarts of oil
five snow/ice scrapers
packages of chemical hand warmers
pair of Yak Trax slip-on cleats
wool army-surplus blanket
duffle bag containing: pair of winter boots, spare down coat, two hats, two pair gloves, scarf, two pair children’s gloves, wool socks
small bag containing: t-shirt, wool socks, underwear, bra, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, night-time mouth guard, comb
plastic bottles of water
packages of dried fruit
two flares
jumper cables

All of the above items are dictated by the fact that I live in Minnesota and drive forty-five minutes to work, each way. The routes I take have considerable stretches with no houses or businesses. Should I go off the road in winter, I will either have to bundle up and wait or walk some distance. I am prepared for both eventualities, and have extra gear for passengers and children. Now, granted, I have gone a weensy bit overboard with the preparedness. But my drive to work at 4:30 am in January is very, very cold and very, very dark and often very icy. These contents comfort me.

If you want to know what is practical, stop there. Now we get into ZA territory.

collapsible walking pole, for checking the ground in front of me during snow, ice, or earthquake
collapsible shovel for … I dunno, a guy might need a shovel
hatchet — ditto
plastic sheeting, in case I need to build a shelter, or collect water, or wrap up a dead body
duct tape, because, duh
car-window-breaking tool
strike-anywhere matches
bungee cords
deck of cards
permanent markers
fire extinguisher
lots of bandages
no, really, rather a lot of different sizes of bandages
sunscreen, two kinds (this is the single item I use the most, every year)
nitrile gloves
different candles
a 100-hour liquid propane “candle”
100-ft of light rope/heavy cord
another flashlight
assorted plastic bags
two pair wool socks
power bars

I might be forgetting a few things, the bags aren’t in front of me.

I find it deeply amusing to me that I have attempted to replicate the equipment lists off of my AD&D characters. To wit:

iron rations
waterskins, 3
100′ rope
walking staff/pole
2 flasks of oil
3 candles
tinder box
1 torch
mess kit
oilskin cloak
sewing kit
healing kit

Some things, it seems do not change.

3 Responses

  1. I love your list, and am inspired by it.

  2. When you made this list, did you review a list of stuff if your head, or did you mentally rummage through your trunk and list things as you ran across them?

    Or something else?

    I’m a rummager myself.

  3. @Trinker Thanks!

    @talkswithwind I had just cleaned/organized my trunk a few days ago, so I mentally rummaged through my trunk and listed things as I came across them.

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