January 5 2012

1. I am going to mess up the date on these, I just know it.

2. I made a dinner salad yesterday! It was really tasty!

Baby spinach
mixed greens
one hard-boiled egg, sliced
one carrot, grated
a few bits of Vermont cheddar
some of the roasted root vegetables I made a few days ago, spooned into the salad cold
dressing made of red wine vinegar, olive oil, and some dried lemon zest

I feel like such a grown-up, y’all. Wow. Dinner salads! Who knew!

3. Over on Fitocracy, I am part of a group called I Kill Zombies. This group does periodic culls — you have until such date to reach such level, or the zombies eat you and you are removed from the group. (There is another group you can join, in which you have been eaten by the zombies.)

The median level has been rather steadily climbing away from me. Part of me wants to pout. Part of me wants to insist that I am working out four days a week, dangit! I am improving! That should count for something! And it does — on other comms. There are supportive comms that cheerlead me on. I Kill Zombies is not one of those comms. I Kill Zombies makes it clear — in the Zombie Apocalypse, some of us will be eaten. I recognize that I will, eventually, be one of the slain.

When that happens, I may go join the zombie-victim group. 🙂

4. I signed up as a supporting member of Worldcon, aka ChiCon 7. I have *no idea* if I am going to be able to go or not. But I figure this buys me the ebooks of the Hugo nominees, and the right to vote for the Hugo.

2 Responses

  1. Oooh I didn’t know that’s how I Kill Zombies works! Coooool. What’s the median right now? I might have to join just to be horribly slain soon.

  2. @spuffy I think they just hit a median of 20? Eep!

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