January 13 2012

1. Last night I got home from circus, put the kids to bed, made a snack, watched my gaming group play Dominion, and then … cooked lunches for the week.

I did not have a plan. I did not have a recipe. I chopped the garlic and the onions, put them in the pan, then opened the refrigerator and figured out what I needed to use before it went bad. Fifteen minutes later I was putting cumin-chili-lemon tofu with rainbow vegetables into the fridge.

I think I can no longer say I don’t cook.

2. I am still very very happy about this cover for X-Men Legacy #260.1, from this week.

Rachel. Raaaaaaaaaachel. That is totally my girl there. In the red. With the face tattoos and the leather and yep. My girl, there.

3. My convention schedule for the coming year is solidifying. I will be at:

C2E2, April 13-15, in Chicago, IL.

Wiscon 36, May 25-28th, in Madison, WI.

CONvergence 2012, July 5-8, in Bloomington, MN.

I hope to be at Worldcon, aka Chicon 7, August 31-September 4, and I have pre-registered for it. But I don’t have the time off from work yet. The others are assured!

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