January 19 2012

1. I got my Zombilert medallion on Tuesday! This led to me explaining to the children what “Double Tap” means. The explanation went easier than I thought, since K apparently knows all about zombie attacks from The Seventh Doctor story, “The Curse of Fenric,” and M understands the fundamental rule of zombification, there is no cure. And both children are veteran Plants vs. Zombies players. So. Sometimes the hard explanations are not so hard. “Why does your mom have a badge that says to shoot her in the head?” “Oh, that’s only if she’s a zombie.”

I feel I have done something parental.

2. My new favorite fashion blog is Scrapscallion.

3. Yesterday was the anti-SOPA demonstration blackout. I called my representative and senators.

4. I am sloooooooowly working my way up to running a mile. While at the same time working on the Starting Strength barbell program. Everything aches.

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